Up Again


About a month ago my back went out, and I have been reluctant to get back to it ( pun not intended ). Today I made it back up.
I started using a different wall, one that ends and I can keep going. I can go perhaps ten feet past the support wall before falling, and I had my best fall so far, today. I fell onto my hands and then rolled right over my right shoulder onto my knees; I knew my years of playing football would one day mean something. My back is not protesting yet.
At the Vancouver Madskillz Festival I chatted with John, from Portland, who told me it took him about fifteen hours to get the basics, so I figure I am about halfway there. I managed about a dozen times traveling at least eight feet while not touching the wall – it is coming along fine.


One Response to “Up Again”

  1. wintercircusfest Says:

    I wanted to tell you jugglers on Bowen Island about the Gabriola Island Juggling Festival that is coming up in February here’s the link to the blog: http://wintercircusfest.wordpress.com/

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