Unicycle Video Now Available


That is right – Robert came by last Tuesday to video my beginning efforts. Time to LOL. It was a bit more difficult with the camera pointed at me, but Robert managed to put together a great little video. Thanks very much, Robert.

I went out again today and managed about 45 minutes, on and off, and only fell on my bottom once. About half of the time I was practicing idling, and the other half I was travelling down the wall and back again. I managed to travel down the wall three times with the wheel doing four or five complete revolutions. It felt pretty good.

A nice gentleman named Chris was walking by and suggested I both put more air in my tire and raise the seat about three inches. These things helped him when he learned the art about twenty years ago. I am giving them a try.

After about 45 minutes I was somewhat surprised how tired I was. This was harder than it looks. When I told Pam, the bus driver for my return to the house, she asked me the rhetorical question ” And how old are you? “. Okay, so I am not as young as I used to be. I am still going to learn this.

I hope you enjoy the video.


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