Juggling, of Course


Again this year, the IJA juggling tutorial contest has me torn in many different directions. Which of the many different offerings should be the priority in the coming weeks? I am again impressed by the all the options, including, but not limited to those by Jordan Campbell, Steve Hoggan and January Thunder. In any event, it will be a great year for new patterns.

My friend Robert and I were chatting today, and he asked if I had yet learned to ride a unicycle. This is something I have thought about on and off ever since Calder learned the skill. Since we have three unicycles in the house. and I am not getting any younger ( at least in body ), this is the year. Robert suggested putting a deadline on the project, and we agreed the last weekend in August is it. I am really looking forward to adding this ability to my routine. I intend to provide regular updates, including new juggling patterns, so check in every once in a while.

I will hopefully be “up” by the Vancouver Madskillz Juggling Festival in June. See you all there, Paul


One Response to “Juggling, of Course”

  1. Robert Says:

    Wow! I loved hearing that you were making a commitment to learn how to ride a unicycle this year (and juggle at the same time… and chew gum). I am really impressed that you are willing to go public with this resolution! Best wishes. I am sure that all of your blog-readers will be here to provide moral support and applause.

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