One Final Drop


Hi everyone,
I had a great day at Bowfest yesterday. As always, lots of children, young and less young. A couple of newish keeners, and lots of regulars. Diabolo, devil stick, hoops, clubs, and of course balls dropped all afternoon. Thanks to everyone who stopped in.

O     O     O     O
Unfortunately, our membership drive faltered at five families, so I couldn’t justify renting the gym again this fall. Two of our families joined primarily to support my efforts and were rarely able to attend, and although I really do appreciate the support, I needed people in the gym in order to continue. Our other three families did attend, but often no more than once a month, so I regularly was alone in the gym for an hour or more during our time. During this past spring the highest number of people for a Saturday was twelve once, eight another time, but more often it was two or three. It is with the deepest regrets I feel no option but to close the door to the gym.

O     O      O     O
For the autumn I will continue to be on the school field at our regular time on Saturdays, as long as the weather remains decent. I will not be there if it is raining. By November the weather will probably be too wet or cold to continue, and that will be it for the Juggling Club.

O     O     O     O
I have had a great time with this club. I really do appreciate all the support over these years. It has been a blast. I will continue to drag my stuff to community events, so we will still get to drop together. Thank you all so very much for all the fun. See you around, and thanks for all the fish.                    Paul


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