Family Memberships Growing


Exciting news, our family memberships have doubled in the last two weeks. That’s right, we have gone from two families to four, alright, maybe not really exciting, but I am enjoying it.

The Corrigan/Frosts captured membership # 1 very early in the process, followed by the Bryan/Morrisons with # 2, the de Zwarts with #3, and, two days ago, the Kulbidas with # 4. My thanks go out to all of you as this support allows us to continue renting the gym, thus my excitement.

We are really looking forward to the next few months, as we thought that people owning memberships would translate into higher attendance. It was also thought that we might replace some of our older equipment, and maybe invest in more new stuff. It will be interesting to see what our membership decides.

We have the gym booked through April at our regular time from 2:00 – 4:00 on Saturday. On the second weekend in June, the Vancouver Juggling Club will be hosting the Madskillz juggling festival. It will be Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday, with a public show on the Saturday night. Search for it under the Vancouver Madskillz Juggling Festival.

I am hoping to attend the IJA Convention in Sparks, Nevada on the last week of July. This is a week long event, with a show every night, and workshops all day, every day. Definitely a juggle till you drop event. Fun, fun, fun. Anyway, see you on Saturday. Paul


One Response to “Family Memberships Growing”

  1. Cheryl Landry Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I didn’t see anywhere listed a cost for an annual membership? Lemme know,

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