Last Saturday the Juggling Club met on the grass in Artisan Square, primarily to provide a good venue for the fabulous performance given by Thomas Arthur. But it also gave us organizers food for thought, owing to the extra large numbers of people who came over to try this weird hobby of ours, and because we were so close to that fabulous chocolate cafe, Cocoa West.
Due to the messy construction occurring on on our usual summer juggling spot at the community school, we have relocated to the covered, concrete area near the entrance to the gym. It is less than ideal. Up at Artisan Square we were on the cool grass, surrounded by shade-giving trees, and yet jugglers could find space to toss their props without encountering too much in the way.
The huge down side of the Artisan Square location is the constant car traffic right beside the grassy centre. We almost lost one of our under four year old proto-jugglers to a car, because she decided to rejoin some friends on the other side of the road, without checking traffic first.
So we were wondering if there is anywhere else on the Island, preferably in Snug Cove that has cool grass, shady trees, not too much traffic, and high visibility for the uninitiated to become intrigued by our presence. Suggestions are welcome, either here in the comments or in person to the Juggling Club organizers, Paul and Karai.


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