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World Juggling Day 2009

June 21, 2009

          More than twenty people came by yesterday to help us celebrate this years’ World Juggling Day. I was able to teach two people to juggle, at least the beginnings of a three ball cascade. We all had fun with lots of laughter, especially with the beach balls I had brought along. Pete, Roq, Tobi, and I tried to come up with different combinations for three, four and five beach ball patterns, although we had to move into the gym to eliminate the problem of the wind. I laughed the most, but we all had fun.
          The cookies were appreciated, as were the two t-shirts that were drawn for. All children twelve and under were entered, and both Aria and Thomas walked away with a juggling shirt.
          Devil sticks, diabolo, clubs, balls and lots of hula hoops, with Emera wowing people with her ease with two rings. She also worked with Olivia on bouncing the silicone balls in the tennis courts. Roq was impressive with his three hacky-sac juggling incorporating the tops of his shoes. Mike showcased his talents with diabolo, devil sticks, and of course his 500 gram “popeye” balls.
            All in all a great weather day for our world juggling day event right here on Bowen Island. Hope to see you all on Saturdays over the summer, Paul