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Victoria Juggling Festival

April 5, 2009

          The wonderful people at the University of Victoria staged another great festival this weekend.   Three days of throwing, hooping, rolling, balancing and merriment.  Lots of quality workshops, plenty of interactive sharing, competitive action and laughter – does it get any better?

          At the Renegade show on Friday night we witnessed wonderful contact work by Chris and Ryan, a fast moving hula hood routine with lighted hoops, and quite a bit of funny material, although the renegade taste police kept issuing tickets because the acts were not “out there” enough.  I guess we are too nice in Canada.

          On Saturday we were there from 10:30 until 4:45.  Among many other activities, Calder and Tobi did a 6 and 7 club passing workshop which was thoroughly enjoyed, and Paul did a workshop with Blake – 72 variations of under the leg.  Mind boggling information, but I ended up withdrawing to simply watch because my body hasn’t contorted like that in many years.

          After dinner at the Noodle Box ( Calders choice ) we were out to Esquimalt for the evening show, MCed by the very funny and talented Aaron Gregg.  A wide variety of excellent performances, including some genuine blind juggling by Tony Duncan, who also did a contact ball routine, but this with his eyes open.  After the show we went back to the university for more juggling until about 11:30, when we finally accepted we were all tired.

          Back at the university at 10:45 on Sunday morning, we continued working on our newest (soon to be) skills. until the competitions began.  Calder and Tobi each entered a number of competitions, and doing well, with Tobi winning the endurance handstand competition, and claiming a prize of quality juggling balls donated by Higgins Brothers.  The announcer didn’t remember Tobi’s name, so he simply stated the winner was from Bowen Island.  Well done to both of you.

          Unfortunately we had to leave at 1:30 to catch a ferry (some things remain constant), so we could not stay until the end.  In the car we all talked about the next festival we can attend, and the boys were planning to enter the combination competition next time. We are all excited, pumped, and yet exhaust.  A bouquet of flowers to Dawn and her crew in Victoria.  Thanks again.

          The school will be closed on the Easter weekend, but if the weather is good Chris plans to be outside – call to confirm.  We will be back inside the following week.  See you then, Paul