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Can We Juggle Snowballs?

January 11, 2009

     Yesterday we were in the community use room at the school and, even though it was snowing and the roads were slippery, we had a decent turnout.  Because of the lower ceiling no clubs or diabolos, but lots of fun anyway.

     Zelig and Ken were there for a while, but the weather conditions saw them leave early.  Pete came by for a while and did some three ball work.  Mike and Olivia walked over and Mike did lots of three ball work, including some with his Popeye balls ( 500 grams ).  He also got to show us all some devil stick moves.  Olivia did some wonderful three ball stuff, including with the silicone balls.

     Kai brought four friends by, and I enjoyed watching them try three balls.  Some of them had previous devil stick experience, and that was particularly interesting to watch.  Two of the boys were successful fairly quickly with the silicone balls with passive throws and catches; Kai picked bouncing up almost immediately.  Kai had tried passing balls before and wanted to get better at it, so he and I spent perhaps ten minutes at it, at which time it felt like he had done it many times before.  Great work!

     Devon dropped by and joined in the devil stick fun with Kai and his friends.  I really hope Kai brings these guys back again sometime because I really enjoyed the positive energy they added.  I will try to learn their names then also.

     Next Saturday we will again be in the community use room, but we are booked into the gym through April ( except for one Saturday during Spring break when the school is closed ).  Come on out and share in the fun.  Aloha, Paul.