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Municipal Election re-locates jugglers to multi-purpose room

November 11, 2008

        This coming Saturday, November 15th, the Bowen Island municipal election voting area will be in our usual meeting spot, BICS gym.  Sarah (Queen of the coordinators) has kindly offered us the use of the multi-purpose room, so we have decided to try it out for size and ceiling height.

        We had hoped to be able to return to our previous meeting time, since the gymnastics club is not using the gym after 12 pm, but the gymnastics club is exercising a strange clause in their five-year agreement with the Community Center to prevent our return, IN CASE they need the longer time at a later date.  Sarah is somewhat frustrated by the stubborn stance, and is unwilling to allow such a contract to be re-signed in March 2009, when the existing contract expires, but in the meantime we will have to remain with 2 pm to 4 pm Saturdays as our meeting time.

        In other news, Higgins Brothers (Canadian juggling supply online company) just notified us of a pre-Christmas sale, so if anyone is looking for gift ideas, try  See you at the multi-purpose room this coming Saturday.