October Blows In


     The second Saturday in October saw some great action in the gym, even though the long weekend seemed to keep the numbers down.  Stu and Mara’s going away party this afternoon undoubtedly contributed also, but we had fun anyway.

     Calder worked on his three ball patterns, including lots of behind the back stuff, even juggling all three balls on his right side but with his left arm extended behind him.  Davin worked on diabolo and flags with lots of dance like moves.  Paul did four balls and got Calder to show him a 5344 variation to work on for much of the afternoon.

     Mike did lots of three ball work, and spent some time demonstrating some flower stick patterns for Rosemarie, her daughter Claire, and Claire’s friend Mia, who each spent nearly thirty minutes working on things they felt were within their reach.  Captivating for all, including me.  Olivia worked on diabolo, flower sticks, and I spent some time with her and the silicone balls; within five minutes she was able to do a bouncing cascade with passive throws and catches.  She was excited enough to declare bouncing her most favourite juggling activity.

     Pete brought his daughters, and used the Henry’s clubs for a while, before doing some three ball work.  Aria worked on her gymnastics moves, and did some flower stick work.  Rose, with help from Cate, built city like structures with the plastic rings and cigar boxes.

     All in all a great day.  Unfortunately, the gym will be closed to us on October 25 and November 15, due to the municipal election.  The first Saturday will see an all candidates meeting bump us, and the second Saturday we will be bumped by the voting itself.  Hopefully both days will be sunny and warm so we can be outside.  See you all soon, Paul


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