A cold day in April


A cold day kept us indorrs this week and 20 folks of all ages came out.  We are getting ready for the Children’s Festival on Bowen next weekend, and the Juggling Club will be out in full force teaching any and all how to play with gravity.

Today also saw the retun of Calder Stewart, broken jaw and all from a taekwondo tournament.  The gym was busy with Sheryl working on her club tosses, Calder working with four balls and four clubs (not at the same time).  Chris and Caitlin worked some six ball passing, a new trick for Caitlin, and Chris was working his three ball chop tricks with some inspiration from Calder.  Davin and Mike did some diablo work and a number of kids were swinging poi.

No one new to teach this week, although last week Chris Corrigan taught another Chris the three ball cascade from scratch in 3 minutes.  This beat the previous record which was Paul Stewart teaching Elsie the three ball cascade in 6 minutes (although there was a bit of a lull for talking) four weeks ago.

If you would like to learn how to juggle come on out on Saturday afternnons to the BICS gym or field and see if you can pick it up that fast.  Paul and Chris guarantee that 90% of all people can learn to juggle three balls in under 20 minutes, the time it takes to cross Howe Sound on the Queen of Capilano.  For the other 10%, in 20 minutes you’ll have the basic two ball pattern down and you won’t be far off three balls in 20 minutes.

Twenty minutes.   That’s all it takes to change your life forever. That’s all it takes to become a juggler.


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