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February 9th isn’t all blah when you get to juggle

February 9, 2008

          Today we played with our juggling props in a shared gym space, pulling most kids away from the paper-lantern-making tables almost as soon as they and their parents arrived.  Lanterns were made, and made beautifully, but most of the time people spent in the gym today was spent learning new stuff with the juggling club members.

           Quite a few new participants were very young, so they were initially directed to the spinning plates and the poi.  Somehow, they still ended up chasing after big yoga balls and soccer balls, and really small juggling balls.  When Calder arrived, he began to juggle, but got side-tracked into a soccer game in which he was the goalie, and all the under-six-year-olds were the opposite team.  It was an epic game/battle.

           I think Calder is feeling a bit melancholy, since he is not going to be able to attend our Saturday club gatherings for quite a while.  Next weekend he starts training with the junior B. C. TaeKwonDo team in Port Moody, in preparation for the B.C. Championship tournament on February 23rd, in Surrey, and then the Canadian Junior Championship tournament in Calgary the week-end of April 4th.  So we do without him until at least after that date. 

             Paul is working on a new routine using big yoga balls.   It is very rough yet, but funny to watch one man wielding two or three enormous balls without letting them touch the ground.  He is also learning to pass to someone else.  Since Calder is not available for the next while, he is looking for a partner in this endeavor.  Any takers?

           The countdown to the Victoria Juggling Festival is raising people’s excitement level, and a couple of other club members are thinking of joining the Bowen Island contingent.  We are planning to head over early Friday March  14th, and the first event, a meet-and-greet-and-juggle, will be that evening at the University of Victoria site.  Then Saturday we get to play all day, doing workshops or being more casual in our learning process.  Sunday will be more of the same.  There is a Saturday evening dinner and show for all participants and people who aren’t actually participants as well.  I am hoping to see a bit of Victoria proper during our stay, but I know Paul will be totally immersed for the entire event.  The power of an obssession is a fine thing to see.

          Until we meet again, keep your balls in the air!             


More juggling fun in February

February 2, 2008

          First of all, let me just say that Tobi and Calder had a very successful performance at Tobi’s high school talent show last Wednesday, January 30th.  They worked hard at creating an interesting two-person show, and feel good about their performance, which was well-received by the students.  There was lots of passing, mixed in with a bit of comedy and tumbling, but they both feel that they need to work on their individual 5-ball routines, because that felt a bit rough.  Picking the right music made the show more fun to perform, according to Calder.   

         There is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks for us Bowen jugglers.  Next Saturday (February 9th) we will be sharing the BICS gym with lantern makers again, which definitely improves our attendance numbers for the day.  All the new folks come in to make a paper lantern (for the Island Winterfest celebration taking place the following Saturday), and discover the Juggling Club and all their toys, and before you know it, they are learning something new.  Yay!  New playmates.  The last lantern-making workshop brought more than 60 people over to the juggling side of the gym to try stuff.           

          The following Saturday (February 16th) we have our regular afternoon meeting at the gym, and for any jugglers who are interested, the B. I. Juggling Club is going to participate in the Island Winterfest, which meets at BICS at 5 pm, the evening of that same Saturday.  You can either juggle something that has light- or glow- in-the-dark qualities, or carry a (paper?) lantern while we follow the Black Sheep Dancers down to Crippen Park to the bonfire.  There will be dancing, singalong, juggling, storytelling, and a chocolate fondue.  I have my fingers crossed for no rain or snow.

          And then, next month the Victoria Juggling Festival is held at the University of Victoria on the week-end of March 15th.  We do not know yet if the BICS gym will be available for our regular juggling meeting, (school closes that Friday for a two-week Spring break),  but we do know that a few Bowen Island jugglers will be attending the Victoria festivities, and will not be on Bowen to run the regular meeting.  So if you aren’t going to Victoria and you would be willing to guest host the B I juggling club meeting for us, please let us know at our home phone.  Tobi and his family will be with us in Victoria, and Ken and Sue are firing up their RV to join the fun as well.  We’ve rented a two bedroom suite with an extra fold-out couch no one has claimed yet… 

       So much to look forward to!

See you soon, all.