Jugglers love January!


          It’s true, ya know;  jugglers love January because they get to play with their new Christmas presents.  Any jugglers out there who didn’t get new props for Christmas?  Anyone?  Anybody at all?  Yep;  I thought so.  Now the ceilings and walls have new scuff marks because they just couldn’t hold off until the first Gym meeting.  Sigh.  The good part about receiving new equipment is the new ideas that come with the things.  Even a new set of seven balls has an aura that inspires the receiving juggler to dare something previously considered impossible.                    

          Our first 2008 meeting last Saturday, January 12th saw a few new jugglers laughing at themselves as they attempted new “challenges”  — I hope you all got to see BowenTV’s 3-minute Youtube video, during which our guru Paul used the word  “challenging”  a record number of times in describing what juggling IS.  If you haven’t yet, check out Youtube, then search for Bowen Island Juggling, and you will get the video, subtitled Love is in the Air.  It will make you smile, even if you’re just grinning at Paul’s face… he had no heads-up about this being his 50th birthday party, or that BowenTV would be there, so he was pretty off-balance.                      

          Some of Paul’s younger fans created some birthday “pinatas” (clubs) for him to juggle until they broke open and sprayed candies around the room.  A fabulously-decorated juggler’s birthday cake was prepared by Carol Wallace, head chef of Blue Eyed Marys.  Carol’s husband Stephen and their two daughters Frankie and Joey have been juggling with us for about six months, and have committed themselves to some actual personal equipment.  We all know what that means, heh, heh!                    

          I think Paul was touched by the enthusiastic attendance of more that 60 people, and surprised by some family and friends from off-island.  All in all, it was a great day, and the enormous cake was reduced to a tiny nubbin, which he gleefully ate later that night.                    

          This week’s meeting on January 19th, was much smaller in attendance.  Paul was rather thankful, since he got to do some actual juggling.  Calder and Tobi are perfecting their performance for the upcoming talent show at Tobi’s high school, scheduled for January 30th.  Neither of them have confirmed that they intend to juggle fire, but their mothers have their suspicions…  Davin’s favorite new skill is working with his three new 9-ounce balls.  He has been working on endurance and has recently managed 463 consecutive catches with these huge things.   Not coincidentally, he is very pleased with the effect on his bicep development.            

Until next week, (which I will not be able to attend,)  keep your balls in the air!      


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