2008: Jugglers always play with balls


Okay, it’s time to juggle again, folks!                

                This coming Saturday, January 12th, we have our first meeting of the New Year, at BICS Gym, on beautiful Bowen Island.  Also as usual, our drop in time is between 1 pm and 3 pm.  That is when we will be inside, playing with our juggling props, enjoying some great Cirque du Soleil music, and catching up with everyone else after having had such a long break from the pleasure of your company!

                 And I remind you, our wonderful juggling guru is having a rather momentous  birthday this week (on Wednesday, January 9th Paul turns 50) so he is going to have a surprising number of unexpected family members and off-island friends dropping by for juggling that day.   I really hope you will be able to be there as well, if only to see the look on his face.  And if you can only drop by to give him a hug, that would be awesome, too!

               Again, we ask that no gifts are brought;  just yourselves and your juggling props.  I (Karai) will have a cake and some appetizers there, which you are welcome to augment if so desired.  So spread the word, and see you then.                

              Happy juggling,      



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