Juggling Club Meeting Aug. 04


More than 20 people showed up at the Bowen Island Community School field for our weekly juggling meeting. [To view the rest of this article click on the title… ]

       Because of a very nice letter to the editor of the Bowen Island Undercurrent newspaper which appeared in last week’s newspaper, reporter Julie Andres came by to get some photos for the paper. Luckily we had a great turnout and she took many pictures.      

       The weather was very sunny and warm, and the jugglers played with lots of balls, clubs, diabolos, rings, poi, devil stick, and flags throughout the afternoon. Roq, Chris, Calder, John, and Paul were all passing clubs for a while. Paul spent some time with Pete, who was learning to pass balls. Pete also learned how to steal and to do dimwits.

       Roq, Chris, and Calder were working on various passing patterns with clubs. Mike worked on devil stick and balls all afternoon. Kim kept on improving her ball juggling, and Karai and Caitlin worked on flags and poi.

       The Bowfest committee informed us we would have fifteen minutes of performance time during our annual Bowen Island Festival in Crippen Regional Park, this year to be held on Saturday, August 25.  A discussion ensued as to what we would do with our time. We will develop a preliminary plan next Saturday, after giving it some thought all this week. We will also be part of the Bowfest parade, so some options were discussed.    

       This was our best meeting so far this summer. We all had a great time.


One Response to “Juggling Club Meeting Aug. 04”

  1. Karai Says:

    OK, I was there last Saturday, and it was fun, but what is with the paparazzi?!? I know we are getting famous, but surely we can be left alone during our meetings? 😀
    Actually, that was pretty cool, except when my oldest boy climbed a basketball hoop pole in order to juggle and be photographed doing so. Mom is not amused!
    Bowfest is coming! Bowfest is coming! What am I going to do in the parade? Flags? Poi? Flags AND poi? I might not survive the journey…. What is everyone else doing? In fact, what is everyone else WEARING? Yikes; I forgot about a costume….

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