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Fun at IJA festival in Winston-Salem

July 29, 2007

       We spent a wonderful week doing workshops and juggling at the annual convention. Calder did the special workshop with Yuri Pozdniakov and had a great time. We saw many incredible jugglers including Viktor Kee, Peter Davison, and the Peapot Jugglers. It was an absolutely phenomenal convention.      

       Everything about the location was perfect; hotels very close by, Steven’s Centre for shows right there, lots of variety for food nearby. The hotel staff stated they were very happy we were there as this time of year business is normally very slow.

       Davin wished the ceilings were higher for diabolo, but other than that the venue was very good. Even Karai wants to go again next year, even though it was so hot at the beginning of the week that she swore she wouldn’t again do a juggling convention in a hot climate in July. She simply had too much fun, and the air-conditioning was everywhere.