New members


Lot’s of new members today, 35 people in the gym at BICS using a variety of equipment.

Here are some videos:

Calder with his new steel contact juggling ball.

Roq and Tobi practing the “pass drop” trick

The view from the floor:

Aine mastering the butterfly:


3 Responses to “New members”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Good work! Keep it up. Can’t wait to get back to Bowen.

    Yer lookin’ a little serious there, Calder. I’m working on some isolation moves with a large, hollow metal sphere, about the size of a giant grapefruit. Check out some of the videos from my friend Ryan and his mates. Tons of inspiration on their site.

    soft hands,

  2. Robert Says:

    Enjoyed the videos. Thanks.

  3. Karai Says:

    I like hearing the music that you all are hearing while I watch the video clips. Nice touch. I want to see pictures of the goofy clown prince, though… you know, that guy who juggles on the ferry? And how about some still pictures of the lot of you maybe?

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