The Juggling Times


Hi again, the juggling meetings, where everyone can juggle until they drop, are on Saturday inside at BICS school gym from 1:00pm-3:00pm.  Everyone is invited;  those that can juggle and those that cannot! We have enough people who can teach you, and plenty of juggling props for you to try!  There are people of all ages and skill levels, great music, and plenty of friends, so drop in for a free, fun time.




3 Responses to “The Juggling Times”

  1. Werner Says:

    ‘juggle until they drop’ – I like it!

  2. Chris Corrigan Says:

    Yes…and then pick them up and juggle them again!

  3. harpervalley Says:

    hey tobi! there’s a place on the big island of hawaii called belly acres….kind of a clown retreat workshop thing. maybe the bowen jugging gang can work their way next winter to a tough vacation/learning experience 🙂

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